Awareness Through Movement

Feldenkrais group lessons ATM

Better quality of life, more choice

n Feldenkrais classes you practice mindfulness in movement which is equivalent to a conscious exploration of yourself.

You will experience your possibilities and discover yourself anew. Your mobility increases because you learn to switch between different degrees of muscle tone more freely and easily.

Through the alternation of relaxation and tension, letting go becomes easier and the movements smoother.

The Feldenkrais Method also brings you a better “self” consciousness and joy of life. This is why the Feldenkrais Method is helpful for sports, dance, art, work and everyday life. This is also true both when you are healthy and when you are recovering from an injury or trauma:

  • the Feldenkrais® Method improves your abilities.
  • It creates joy, trust and well-being.

So take the time for a course and discover your potential!

Come and get a taste without obligation! (also possible at short notice – please enroll).

Recording of an online lesson (in Swiss-German) to listen in and participate.


The movement of each part of the body results in a simultaneous reorganization and movement of the other structures of the body, i.e. a movement of the whole body, which is intended to create a new balance.“

Moshe Feldenkrais

Current courses ATM

Online Feldenkrais Gruppenstunden
Dienstags 18:00-19:00 via zoom
Online Feldenkrais Gruppenstunden
Mittwochs 14:00-15:00 via zoom
Montags | 10:30-11:30
Praxis Hallwylstrasse 26
Montags | 18:00-19:00
Praxis Hallwylstrasse 26
für Schwangere. Auch andere Menschen willkommen
Dienstags | 18:15-19:15
Praxis Sihlstrasse 61
Mittwochs | 08:15-09:15
Praxis Sihlstrasse 61


Price per online hour including audio recording CHF 30 for individual hours or quarterly price CHF 26 per hour.